Noryl is the goddess of life. She appears as a woman composed of wood, vines, and flowers. The life school is special. Hard to master and the most complex. It is ultimately the driving force in the universe. The Source holds the universe together. Soul energy wants to live. It yearns for a body to experience life and so it works it’s way into the mortal world. Slowly life takes shape, a mass of compounds that gradually becomes more substantial.

Life wants to live so go out and live. Let nothing hold you back. Noryl sees no reason for morality or order, only to follow one’s true desires. Her clergy is sometimes hedonistic. However, few are known to exist in the first place anyway, since her former place of worship is now The Forbidden Isle where no one ever goes. The Isle has been overcome by the Chaos Garden and is overgrown by deadly vegetation.

Because of it’s ability to create, Conjuration is the favored school of Noryl.

Alignment: CN
Favored Weapon: Whip
Domains: Sun, Plant, Healing, Community, Earth

Holy Symbol: a ring of eight leaves


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