In the taiga of the Corovo Forest, rugged men and women live off the land and give praise to their Queen. Lossine is the Goddess of Shadow, the antithesis of Light. Where the light brings life and joy, the shadow brings death and ruin. It isn’t through malice that the Moon Mistress bestows suffering upon the world, it is with best intentions and because the universe must have a balance.

As the Deity representing such things as pain, insanity, death, and wisdom, Lossine comes off to many as a perverse and evil being. But as her creed declares, through suffering we learn and gain the resilience to go forward. She truly believes that she is doing the world a favor.

Lossine appears as a wolf as black as a moonless night, with faintly lit yellow orbs for eyes. Her fur blends into the shadows and is speckled with what looks likes stars from the night sky. Pure white runes and crescent shapes adorn certain spots on her; the forehead, chest, and tail. The Moon Mistress’ realm is the Nocturne Forest, where wolf packs hunt anything they can find and demons venture to bask in the traces of negative energy. It is always night in Nocturne Forest and the three moons are always full.

Her Children are the Moon Scarred, formally known as Lycanthropes. They are afflicted by the curse of this Goddess through the channeling of negative energy from wolves and other canines. The telling wounds burn with a hazy violet aura and persist indefinitely. It is said that those vulnerable to this curse are those who already have darkness in their hearts. When they transform into a humanoid canine triggered by great negative emotions or pain, they gain strength the closer they are to death.

Lossine’s favored sorcery is the power over the energies of death, Necromancy. However, Illusion spells to conceal things are also in her repertoire.

Alignment: NE
Favored Weapon: Scythe
Domains: Animal, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Law, Madness, Repose, Trickery

Holy Symbol: three crescents overlapping


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