Jorra appears as an odd looking sort of parrot, shimmering feathers of rainbow hues but dominantly green and blue. She is the goddess of the winds and skies. Although benevolent, the parrot goddess is the patron deity of thieves. Stealing is acceptable if you take from someone who is very well off and won’t suffer from it, especially if you need it more than they do. But more importantly, stealing is fun! This bird is a friendly prankster and loves to pull tricks on those she maintains influence on.

Aclians in particular favor Jorra. Her temple lies in the Aclian Mountains, their home. It’s gateway leads to her realm, the Tempest Isles. The Isles are huge floating mountains in a sea of storm energy. Along with Bolmar, Styne, and Selsha she is one of the primordial gods, the first to spawn creation on this world.

Like the hippie Aclians, Jorra’s message is passive and easy. Let it go. Don’t let your past, your problems, the people around you, or anything else hold you back. Make a lot of friends and not enemies, for friends will help you on the road of life. Follow your emotions and disregard external restraint.

For her mischievous ways, Jorra prefers the Illusion school.

Alignment: CG
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Domains: Air, Animal, Chaos, Charm, Liberation, Luck, Travel, Trickery, Weather

Holy Symbol: wing


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