Bolmar is the god of water. He appears as an immense penguin with armor made of ice. Bolmar is the god of love and emotions. Emotions inspire the musical arts so musicians honor him as the patron of music. The priests of the winter choir preach the simple things in life, to help your neighbor, enjoy a heartfelt melody, and love the one you’ve got. His faithful are not so foolish as to think that pacifism is always the answer. To protect one’s friends and family, fighting is most honorable.

Bolmar’s plane of the Void is called Rimeshore, a glacial land surrounded by and endless expanse of ocean.

The favored spell school of water and ice mages is Abjuration for it’s ability to defend or neutralize a threat without resorting to harm. Also water is known as the element most related to cleansing.

Alignment: NG
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Domains: Good, Healing, Water, Nobility, Protection

Holy Symbol: flute


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