Dragons are the name given to reptiles with keen intelligence and a natural affinity for an element. One of the two most prominent types of dragon, the Deepwyrm, has a slightly different aesthetic than it’s relative. This dragon is serpentine, has smooth azure, lavender, or violet scales, and crackles with electric energy. Their first home is the sea, though they are masters of the sky and are known to live on land.

The patron of the Deepwyrms is Viddal, Lord of Storms. Early art of the god depict him weaving through storm clouds and causing destruction through hurricanes and bolts of lightning over tumultuous waters. Sailors frequently pay tribute to him to insure the safety of their seafaring travels. More pronounced is the attention he gets from scholars and magi as a god of knowledge, spellcraft, and the liberal arts.

While he continues the trend of the more neutral aligned deities and leans towards neutral, Viddal is sophisticated enough to believe in the efficiency of establishing order through law. After all, to truly hone one’s mind, discipline is required. Viddal’s favored spell school is Enchantment, for it’s ability to influence and command the mind.

Alignment: LN
Favored Weapon: Glaive
Domains: Air, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Magic, Rune, Travel, Water, Weather

Holy Symbol: lightning bolt


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