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Welcome to the world of Phylos, a small continent on the remains of a planet shattered by a dimensional cataclysm. Brimming with vibrant souls, even the lowly species of Phylos can work the mystical energy that animates them into their own sorcery. The humans make liberal use of their innate soul energy in their everyday lives. How else would you light your stove? There isn’t much in the way of technological advance, at least in the eyes of most the populace…

Phylos is a special place where the veil between dimensions is thin. The Void bleeds through and leaves it’s stain upon the world. The primal energy that makes the very universe spawn into being unleashes it’s raw power. Simple yet eternal beings, the Elementals, influence the natural world to make the seas, the mountains, the skies, and the churning magma beneath the surface.

Indeed, Elementals are a regular part of life. They could feasibly be encountered anywhere where their respective element was found. More importantly, they range from very primal and unrefined wisps of energy to colossal entities of great wisdom. The Eight Deities revered across the lands are the most powerful Elementals in the Void. So ancient as to claim to be one of the firsts of their kind. So immense in power that their own sculpted realms within the Void have respective correlation to the material plane where a unique crystal born of the Void can be found. The humans take notice and build their temples in these locations, claiming that it enhances their religious experience.

There is also the matter of the Celestials. Born long after the Elementals, the Celestials only formed after sentient life came to be. The petty, short lives of mortals create a lot of strife and attachment, but also profound passion and enlightenment. When the energies of some people return to the Cycle, they make something else. A shadow of their former selves that is born of and feeds upon either positive or negative energy. Known as Angels and Demons, respectively, the Celestial beings are a rival power to the Elementals and motivated by completely different things. Beings of the other dimension, vast Celestial cities exist within the Void.

As a Riftmage, you will have to be familiar with all of these things. In an organization founded by the saviors of the world you live in, you carry on the legacy by serving as a sort of mediator between the material plane and the Void. The Athame you forged out of a stolen soul and Void Crystal lets you cut pathways there. But what awaits you on the other side? A bountiful elemental paradise beyond your wildest dreams? Or a pain thirsty demon looking to skin you alive?

General Character Creation Rules

  • 20 pt buy
  • 2 traits chosen from general traits and racial traits if applicable
  • HP as per PFS rules, start with HD max, HD halved +1 at each level (3d8 HD – 8 + 5 + 5)
  • Any mundane equipment (basic steel), no item over 300g
  • Gold is not currency, instead treat silver as equivalent amount of gold.
  • Pick from the racial choices as in the link below
  • Your first level must be in a class that can cast spells at first level, or paladin.

Elementals and Deities

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