Riftmages of Phylos

The Trials of Viddal

Mystery of the Temple's Inner Sanctum

Questioning the High Priest at the temple in the previous session hinted at what was to come — Gavren planned for his students to take the trial of Viddal. They quickly find that lightning elementals are quite common inside the temple and they fight their way through the myriad of puzzles.

Mira was able to power the ancient machine using her shocking grasp to activate the elevator, as well as retrieve the elevator key from the electric eel pool using a mage hand spell.

On the upper level of the temple, they meet the predecessor to the High Priest who still exists as a soulbound doll. He explains that when a High Priest to the temple dies, they are bound in such a form to guard the temple until the next priest takes their place. He challenges the group to combat before he allows them intermediate travel to Levinspire. Sadly, such a limited form was no match for the group and Darius grappled the poor priest.

After the battle was over, the High Priest activated runes on the dome ceiling that shifted everyone’s consciousness to Levinspire. There they met an aspect of Viddal who was glad to share some of his knowledge with his faithful. They learned a little bit of Laerthamun’s plans and bestowed upon Mira a headband of intelligence before Viddal sent them on their way.



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