Riftmages of Phylos

The Black Feather Gang

Retrieve the stolen Athames!

When the party gets to Corovo, city of thieves, they stop and rest before moving on to Shiragrad. Darius takes extra precautions to make sure the party is safe from thieves in the night. His vigilance saves his own Athame from theft, but Mira and Verthian are not so lucky.

After questioning many people all around the city and bribing the guard to help them with information, they learn that the prominent thieves in the city are the Black Feathers, an all Aclian gang. They all wear black cloaks with a holy symbol of Jorra. Clues point back towards the inn they came from when they hear that the gang has an agreement with some innkeepers to let them steal from their guests.

Back at the inn, the scared innkeeper cooperates completely. He tells the party that he is going to meet with one of the gang to get his cut of the profits and agrees to let them ambush the Aclian thief.

A chase ensues, but Mira and Darius are both adept in sorcerous speed so he is caught. When the fighting starts, the Aclian Comet calls for the hired muscle of the gang to come and help. It’s a little too late, and in any case the muscle, Hugo, and his axebeak mount are executed. Comet is questioned and manages to escape while the group discusses plans.

Through further investigation they learn that the gang uses eagles to send messages to one another. Following the eagles leads to an aerie where a lone trainer, Gale is tending to the birds. When she tries to defend herself, Darius executes her as well. Another contact of the guild enters the building and freely divulges information to the group, saying that the leader Serge is a priest in the area of the city by the Duchess’ manor.

While the group is out searching for this place, Serge shoots an arrow with a message asking the party to leave it alone and turn back before any more blood is shed. This only infuriates the frustrated riftmages more. When they get to the temple, Sophia and Niko attack them. It is a challenging fight and Mira is downed by Niko, but is left alive by order of their leader.

Once the battle was won, Serge gives up the athames to the apprentices seeing how important they are to them.



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