Riftmages of Phylos


A plot revealed

Finally making it to Shiragrad, the PCs remember to seek council with Queen Sorami. She is distraught at the notion that her most trusted adviser would do anything so horrible, especially to a friend as close as Gavren. Still, she wants the apprentices to find Laerthamun and straighten things out.

A guard is sent with them to accompany the group through secure parts of the city, like the Shiragrad University. Inside, the students report not having seen the professor of conjuration for a number of days. One of the other professors claims that he has gone up to the temple of Bolmar.

They find that the path up the mountain is blocked due to a supernaturally strong blizzard. The barrier keeping it at bay is also keeping them out. However, the guard suggests asking the princess who is known to travel past the barrier. Princess Miko is eager to get out of the castle and takes them to the barrier. She instructs to break it using fire magic.

After fighting the elementals bound in the barrier, Miko shows them why she has been placed under house arrest by her mother. She is a lycanthrope with a tendency towards roaming and rebellion. Miko is going crazy not knowing how her pack is doing so she asks if the riftmages will check in on the lycanthropes when they have a chance.

On their way up the mountain, Brasken and Eryss attack them once more. Verthian is bloodthirsty as always, and for once Darius doesn’t disagree. Brasken is killed and Eryss only barely managed to feather fall down the mountain.

Up ahead, in the temple, Laerthamun talks with the party about his plans. He wants to unleash a controlled rift upon Phylos to unleash just the amount of prime energy to transform the inhabitants into Proteans. In his opinion, that is the only way for him to defend against the coming storm. Laerthamun says that Gavren has predicted a force of chaos coming from beyond the stars to bring calamity to the land. The Riftmage Master also invites Verthian to join his new world order. After quite a long discussion, Verthian decides to stick with his current allies.

The PCs attack Laerthamun, who brings forth his eidolon from the void. When the battle got heated, Laerthamun wielded his Athame and escaped to the void.



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