Riftmages of Phylos

Into the Void

Riftmages are born

When the party gets back to Gavren, he is solemn and concerned. He explains that he has sealed the Nexus to buy them some time while the apprentices complete their training. Gavren has sent word to the other two masters about the occurrence. Master Lev of Aclia has taken his eldest apprentice into the void to search for Laerthamun, while the Master of Oslo University has not responded. To make sure nothing has gone wrong, Darius is sent to investigate the matter.

Lev’s youngest student who had not yet learned the true art of the riftmage, Agvend, joins the party.

First, the students are told to meditate so they can commune with the spirits inside their Athames. Once they make contact, Gavren instructs them on feeling out the weaknesses in the veil so they can cut rifts and teaches them the Detect Veil spell.

Detect Veil (Level 0)

Lets the caster know the strength of the void in the current surroundings. Once cast, the riftmage can attempt an attack roll with his athame. He must beat the DC to open a rift. Only one attempt can be made every 24 hours in that specific area.

Material Zone DC 30
Elemental Zone DC 25
Consecrated Zone DC 20
Temple Zone DC 15
Gate DC 10

Gavren procures a sphere with a contained demivoid. It has been constructed to train riftmages. After being sent inside, they wake up in a hazy maze in the middle of a swamp like region. While navigating the maze, the group fights the spirits inside their Athames and ultimately gains the trust of the creatures. After escaping, they see the mansion nearby.

Inside, the Dreamfolk inhabitant greets them and tells them they must participate in a scavenger hunt before they will be shown the exit. Mira and Verthian follow the clues while the angry Agvend tries to pester the Dreamfolk. After some time of searching and thinking, the master of the manor reveals the gate. Verthian opens the gate and they return home.



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