Riftmages of Phylos


Prove Gavren's Innocence!

This session begins with Darius, Mira, and Verthian all receiving messages being told to meet Gavren at the temple. When they get there, instead there are two minor demons inside, who they quickly dispatch. In attempts to make meaning of this, they search for Gavren.

The Master’s office yields a clue. A letter written in the language of demons hinting at some sort of agreement between the master and the writer. It spoke of offering the riftmage apprentices for the soul of Gavren’s departed love.

Still trying to find Gavren, the PCs go to his quarters and find him under the effects of a sleep spell. As they try to leave to make sense of this mess, guards stop them and arrest Gavren. Professor Fenix claims that he found Gavren’s athame in his office where his scrolls went missing. Gavren urges his apprentices to prove his innocence.

After some searching, the players find out that the riftmages from the previous session, Brasken and Eryss, are missing from their cells with no sign of forced exit or entry. The guard on duty blames the new guy who was on watch last night.

Eventually, after piecing things together, the party finds their culprit when he strikes at them. He is easily taken care of and taken into custody.



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