Riftmages of Phylos

Crystal Gathering

Session 1

In the first session, our PCs are introduced to their riftmage master, Gavren, a gentle hearted but stern and wise diviner. They are at the Gurinth Isles, specifically staying at the eastern isle where the university is. Gavren sends his new students off on their first quest — to acquire void crystal big enough to sculpt their athames out of. But first the adventurers meet the timid alchemist Kiel, who treats them all to potions of cure light wounds and lesser restoration (CL 5).

With the aid of a university student, Matir, the PCs travel to the isle of Nexus, where the veil between the physical plane and the void is thin. It is a densely forested island of considerable size. However, it is not difficult for the PCs to follow the river upstream to the mouth of the cave.

After encountering a shy but friendly baby dragon at the mouth of the cavern, the PCs venture inside. Wielding magical light (because in this world, who doesn’t?) they make their way deeper into the earth. Along the way they fight a venomous snake and a water elemental. Just as they nearly reach the crystal quarry, two other riftmages emerge, Brasken and Eryss.

When pressed for information, Brasken gets agitated and nervous and admits that they were sent to spy on Gavren as he is suspected of wrongdoing. Knowing they’ve been found out, a fight ensues. Brasken gets a flurry of dagger slashes on Darius, but Verthian weaves his sorcery into the magi’s mind and forces him to take out Eryss. At this point the battle is clearly decided, so the PCs tie up the two assailants while they gather the crystal that they came for. Brasken and Eryss get taken back to Gurinth on the very small and crowded Future Sight. The enemy riftmages get put into custody and the resident Giant smith starts work on everyone’s athames.

Gavren gives the party 300 silver to be comfortable living for a while and shows them the dormitories where they will be staying.

Note: Kiel will sell the party any potion of a spell that is on the cleric or wizard spell list for half price at caster level 1, 3, or 5 upon request.



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